ivaylo getov daydreams of digital clouds with custom algorithm
all images courtesy of ivaylo getov




ivaylo getov lives in a universe where he is constantly fascinated by the evolution of new ways of making images. he is always exploring the notion of programming computers and machines to interpret the world, discovering how the digital eye can be exploited for its flaws as much as its advantages. it is with this mindset, that getov has incorporated the uncertainty of computer visualization, or the unpredictability of a randomized algorithm, into a larger aesthetic titled ‘electric sheep’.


video courtesy of ivaylo getov




using openframeworks, the brooklyn-based designer has developed a custom code that ‘grows’ each cloud from two inputs: the number of recursions and the shape of each ‘droplet’. as the program repeats, it mutates, resulting in a unique formation each time. The final products are a series of high-resolution prints and a video installation in which a computer infinitely loops through the calculations, producing an endless stream of geometrical combinations.

ivaylo getov electric sheep digital clouds openframeworks
light blue electric sheep




‘with this work, I wanted to create a program that would be allowed to take a set of visual rules and mutate them, as if letting its thoughts wander, creating images that would ideally provoke wandering thoughts in the human observers. a viewer sees the clouds and perhaps allows their mind to relax just as if they were looking up at the sky, despite the lingering awareness that these are not real clouds, but the product of a machine.’ – ivaylo getov

ivaylo getov electric sheep digital clouds openframeworks
triangulated mash up

ivaylo getov electric sheep digital clouds openframeworks
dots like bubbles in the sky

ivaylo getov electric sheep digital clouds openframeworks
white squares changing in density



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