jakub geltner’s CCTV nest in australia is watching you 
all images courtesy of jakub geltner




as visitors to sculpture by the sea meander along the winding path leading to sydney’s magnificent bodni beach, an unusual sort of street pole greets them upon arrival. attached to a modified beam is a dense cluster of CCTV cameras, each pointing their spying lens at passing pedestrians below.


surveying the situation, the colony of cameras form part of artist jakub geltner‘s latest series of ‘nests’. this sixth edition — contrary to previous interpretations sited on building facades and situated within nature — sees the devices amassed on a freestanding urban structure, both integrating with, and juxtaposing the surrounding landscape. hanging overhead, the more-than-one-dozen cameras each record the changing scene of people taking photos, looking up in awe and casually going about their day, streamed live on the internet during the duration of the exhibition. see a short excerpt from ‘nest 06’ recordings below.


the colony of cameras form part of artist jakub geltner’s latest series of ‘nests’

more than a dozen cameras point their lens at passing pedestrians below

visitors to australia’s bondi beach are greeted by a surreal street pole sculpture hanging overhead

each of the lenses record the changing scene of people passing below

the modified street pole both integrates with and juxtaposes the surrounding landscape 

cameras all face downward at passing visitors to sculpture by the sea 

the devices streamed a live feed of the scene on the internet throughout the duration of the exhibition 

the colony of cameras survey the situation

each of the cameras point their spying lenses at passing pedestrians below

the devices are amassed on a freestanding urban structure