a james turrell skyspace in colorado


this summer, light artist james turrell will debut his latest skyspace among the rocky, tree-lined cliffs near pike’s peak, one of colorado‘s most well-known fourteeners. the public artwork, rising 18-feet, will be installed as part of the green box arts festival in the peaceful little mountain town of green mountain falls, located near colorado springs around 90 minutes south of denver. 


the new piece, titled ‘skyspace on red butte,’ will stand as james turrell’s first skyspace in the mountains, the only one in colorado, and the first with a retractable roof. this last element will allow for more customized light shows for specialized events at any time of day. 

james turrell colorado
visualization by james turrell, edited by CL — HSE architects of OKC 



repurposing locally sourced materials


in designing this latest skyspace, james turrell (see more) and the historic green mountain falls foundation (see more) worked together to ensure that it felt local, and like part of the community of green mountain falls, colorado. first, the structure will be constructed with locally-sourced materials including stone drawn from nearby rock quarries, and beetle kill pine, or pine trees which have been killed by the mountain pine beetle. natives to the state will recognize these large patches of grey, dead trees along the mountainside, which will now come back to life as part of a james turrell skyspace. 


construction of the ‘skyspace on red butte’ is now underway for a june 2022 launch, just in time for the green box arts festival (see more) which will run from june 18th through july 4th, 2022.

james turrell coloradoimage courtesy of green box | @greenboxarts



a feat of engineering within a mesmerizing site


the construction of the james turrell skyspace in colorado has been a feat of engineering that requires all the materials — 1.2 million pounds of concrete and 100,000 pounds of steel — transported up the side of a mountain. recent construction updates have included the fifth concrete pour (there are six necessary) and will include a spectacular and scenic hike, arriving first at the town overlook and the final destination boasting even more mesmerizing views of the town’s valley and gazebo lake.


green box co-founder christian keesee comments: ‘green box invites you to slow down, inhale the energizing mountain air and take in an out-of-this-world permanent installation by james turrell—one that perfectly responds to humanity’s need for wonder, serenity and connection.’

james turrell will debut a skyspace in a colorado oasis near pike's peak this summer
image courtesy of green box

james turrell will debut a skyspace in a colorado oasis near pike's peak this summerconstruction image, courtesy of green box



project info: 


project title: skyspace on red butte

artist: james turrell | @jamesturell

client: historic green mountain falls foundation

location: green mountain falls, colorado, USA

event: green box arts festival | @greenboxarts

festival dates: june 18th — july 4th 2022

expected completion: june 2022