japanese artist animates woodblock print gifs to include modern technology
all images courtesy of segawa thirty-seven




a japanese artist who works under the name segawa thirty-seven continues his reinterpretation of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and paintings by animating the historical scenes to include high-tech happenings. the new series of gifs follows the artist’s first collection (previously featured by designboom here), which brought historical artist katsushika hokusa’s ’36 views of mount fuji’ compositions to life with quirky additions like spaceships, aliens and laser beams. this time, 21st century technology invades the whimsical scenes — LED signage and lights illuminate a quiet village street; craftsmen carve keyboards from wood; and a traditionally-dressed father and child play on their iPads. 

LED signage and lights illuminate a quiet village street




the series ‘lavie in edo‘ has been made for computer brand NEC to promote the lavie laptop. through the series, the artist reimagines japan’s edo period, reinterpreting the traditional techniques used to sketch, carve and colorize artworks through a digital lens. 

a traditionally dressed father and child play with their devices 

a powerpoint presentation takes place in a traditional japanese room