‘untitled’ from cicloviaérea series by jarbas lopes, 2010 natural fiber over bicycle 43 5/16 x 74 51/64 x 26 49/64 inches all images courtesy the artist and VIP art fair 2.0  

brazilian artist jarbas lopes has created a bicycle covered in woven fiber. the result is an organic-seeming mode of transportation on show at VIP art fair 2.0: international contemporary art fair. the ‘cicloviaérea’ series is an incarnation of a bicycle which is intended for transportation and as a source of enjoyment. the physically manifested critique of capitalism and mass production values the notion of a fuel-less transport system and meticulous craftsmanship.

the artist conceptualizes his work as every day objects being the beginning of understanding symbolic language, aesthetic experience and social interaction. lopes’ work investigates the model of an individual shaping the societal structure, rather than the individual being molded entirely by the preexisting structure.

jarbas lopes: natural fiber bicycle the bike chain, connective joints and tires remain the only segments visible as the woven outer layer covers the piece

jarbas lopes: natural fiber bicycle detailed view of a woven child’s seat

jarbas lopes: natural fiber bicycle the spokes of the wheel are woven with fiber with the fender constructed in the same manner