detail of ‘world map’ by jean denant, 2009 all images courtesy jean denant

french artist jean denant first developed ‘world map’ in 2009, yet, what is most remarkable about the project is the artist’s work process. the building of the map is based in heavy deconstruction as he chisels away at a wall to create the geographic markings. denant first draws upon the wall, noting where he will be removing the wall to unearth the massive map. using construction materials such as a hammer, chisel, and ladders, the piece is realized through a meticulous pulling away from the original space.

jean denant: world mapcloser view of ‘world map’

jean denant: world map alternate detailed view of the work

jean denant: world map

jean denant: world map progress image of the piece

jean denant: world map production view

jean denant: world map