‘sunken sediment’, 2010 (detail) | hand-cut paper & foam core, light | 31” x 42” x 38” all images courtesy of jen stark




american artist jen stark creates three-dimensional pieces which take paper to a whole new level of sculpture. in works such as ‘sunken sediment’, stark takes construction or acid-free colored paper and intricately cuts each sheet with an X-acto knife, layering the paper into a topographical landscape of color and bold shapes. other works such as ‘centrifugal’ or ‘the highest point’ see overlapping paper spiraling into a kaleidoscopic effect of color, mesmerizing the viewer and drawing them into the work.

paper art by jen stark ‘sunken sediment’, 2010 31” x 42” x 38” hand-cut paper & foam core, light

paper art by jen stark ‘the highest point’, 2010 36” x 27” x 2.5” acid-free colored and metallic paper on wood

paper art by jen stark ‘centrifugal’, 2010 hand-cut paper on wood backing 40” x 31” x 5”

paper art by jen stark ‘twirling spectrum’, 2010 hand-cut cardstock paper 12” x 12”

paper art by jen stark ‘tunnel vision’, 2009 acrylic paint, wood, motor, mirrors, light 20” x 25” x 25”