jen stark oozes drippy, technicolor mural across california building façade
all images courtesy of platform




emblazoned across the flagship location of platform — a retail venue in culver city, california — is ‘technicolor ooze’, a drippy and trippy mural by los angeles-based artist jen stark. although she is widely recognized for her hypnotizing paper sculptures that warp colored sheets into seemingly-endless abysses, stark has translated her psychedelic, highly-saturated aesthetic to an architectural surface.


wavy streaks of yellow, green, purple and pink seem to slowly seep from the roof to ground level, interspersed by bold black-and-white patches that briefly interrupt the pigmented pattern. responding to the site, stark weaves the composition around window frames and across structural beams, forming an immersive space cloaked in color for visitors inside the california commercial space. 

drips of color seem to slowly pour down the side of the building 

wavy streaks ooze down the length of the california façade 

responding to the site, stark weaves the composition around window frames and across structural beams

the colors are interspersed by black-and-white patches 

the mural seems to slowly drip down the face of the retail space 

‘technicolor ooze’ forms an immersive, color-cloaked space for visitors to the site 

black and white lines are juxtaposed against colorful hues 

much like her paper sculptures, the mural extends 2D space to a semi-psychedelic dimension 

the colorful mural peeks through the surrounding buildings