‘You choose, I care!’ artwork by Jeroen Bisscheroux


Jeroen Bisscheroux presents ‘You choose, I care!’, an artwork searching for a new meaning for ‘humans and their heritage’. The statue is made of wood, plaster, and zinc, while its form references the catholic statues of Mary. The sculpture is exhibited at the Noordstrook cathedral, which is part of NDSM Wharf, a former shipyard on the banks of the river in Amsterdam Noord. Through this latest piece, the Dutch artist explores themes of gender and gentrification, which he describes as ‘main issues in daily life.’  Part of the artwork addresses the relationship between humans and their heritage at a time ‘when transformation is a magic word and everything seems to be feasible.’


Describing the project, Bisscheroux states: ‘The Catholic Church is succumbing to scandals that people knew about but always kept silent about. Maria represented the unconditional love for the child, boy or girl and shows understanding for the gender issue with the same, age-old gesture… after all, she’s protecting all people.’ 


you choose i care 2
‘You choose, I care!’ exhibited at the Noordstrook cathedral, NDSM Wharf

all images courtesy of Jeroen Bisscheroux




Jeroen Bisscheroux’s ‘You choose, I care!’ is located in Amsterdam’s NDSM Wharf, a historical shipyard that has been transformed into an enormous cultural hotspot hosting restaurants, exhibitions, pop-up clubs, outdoor festivals and other events. Resting on a pedestal installed on a brick wall at the venue, the artwork tackles the topic of gentrification.


As expressed by the artist, ‘the social pressure on the NDSM is increasing because the number of locations where major events can take place have virtually dried up. Will the NDSM remain an enclave and an exceptional place for Amsterdam or will it become a festival site?’ 


you choose i care 3
close-up of statue of Mary carrying yellow male and female gender signs

you choose i care 4
the artwork statue of Mary elevated on a brick wall

you choose i care 5

you choose i care 6

you choose i care 7



project info:


name: You choose, I care!
designer: Jeroen Bisscheroux

location:  NDSM Wharf (Netherlands dock and shipbuilding company), Noordstrook (Cathedral), Amsterdam

size: 130 x 45 x 50 cm
materials: wood, plaster, zinc

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edited by: zaha mango | designboom