jihan zencirli, creating under the moniker geronimo, has been invited by new york city ballet (NYCB) to compose signature installations in their lincoln center home for the sixth annual art series. the visual and performance artist, experimental writer, and seattle native will inflate more than 200,000 compostable, biodegradable balloons into a collective of compelling configurations. said to be her largest project to date, they will be on show during three special performances with after parties on january 26, february 2 and february 24 with all seats priced at $30 USD, and all audience members will receive a limited edition commemorative takeaway from jihan.

jihan zencirli geronimo inflates balloon installations for NYCB art series
photo © jessica nicole collins



balloons are not meant to last forever; they vanish. rooted in my work is this reminder that you will only have this experience at this particular time. you’re here, you’re seeing it, you’re alive,’ explains jihan zencirli. for her work, the element of time helps further signify and strengthen the connections between emotion and physical spaces, whereas their symbolic style breaks normality and attaches onlookers to each other. for this project, the installations will only build upon these principles even more so.


the ephemeral but temporary sculptures will live inside and outside of NYCB’s home at lincoln center, inflating to be massive in scale and scope. ranging from individual balloons sized at ten inches to ten feet, the diverse society of shapes will aim to bring joy through limitless perceptions, which will be personal to each audience member.



to experience the unmissable installations, new york city ballet art series performances are on sale here.