a dense light resides at the center of joanie lemercier’s constellations. her audio-visual installation is a complex 3D homage to the cosmos. dazzling, frightening and hopeful are some of the emotions one may remember as blinding cascades of sacred geometries slide your still body forward at lightspeed through a blackhole, only to stop abruptly to gaze at temporary silence, or flaring red supernovas.

all images courtesy of joanie lemercier



joanie lemercier’s constellations — set to tour in light festivals and public spaces around the world — is a gate to explore the intangible universe. the galaxy like orbs, stars and universal blueprints appear to be 3D. technically, they are not, but the suspension of disbelief is held strongly by the gorgeous execution of this light show, as well as the perfectly ethereal soundscape, written and produced by paul jebanasamharmonies and the occasional discord build in song along with the dancing lights, and together they paint a sublime homage to the intangibly infinite lifespan of the universe we know so little about.

joanie lemercier 

joanie lemercier constellations constellations constellations constellations constellations 


project info

conception and visuals: joanie lemercier
music: paul jebanasam
production: juliette bibasse 
additional code: kyle mcLean
commissioned by: university of bristol / watershed