rachel whiteread ‘house’ 8 © john davies courtesy michael hoppen contemporary

john davies rachel whitehead ‘house’ at: michael hoppen gallery on now until january 31st

on display at the michael hoppen gallery, london is ‘house’ by rachel whiteread, documented by john davies. rachel whiteread is known for creating sculptures taking the form of casts. in 1993 whiteread created the ‘house’ series by spraying liquid concrete into the building’s empty shell before its walls were removed. the work became a temporary monument to lost communities and a focus for public debate before it was demolished in january 1994. the images are now all that remain of the house, the site and the sculpture.

john davies rachel whiteread 'house' exhibition rachel whiteread ‘house 1’ © john davies courtesy michael hoppen contemporary more: http://www.michaelhoppengallery.com