‘toggle switches’ by jon lawrence, 2007 (installation of 20)

‘the hub: national centre for crafts & design’ will be presenting ‘jon lawrence: contemporary ceramics’ from february 1, 2008 to march 30, 2008, featuring works by artist jon lawrence. the young artist has created a new body of work for this show featuring industrial antiques and everyday objects cast in ceramic and assembled in an intentionally rough manner. the ceramics featuring a number of surface treatments such as transfers, lustres and hand painting. lawrence aims to preserve the intangible through his objects that he casts directly from the original objects. the hub is the uk’s largest facility devoted to craft and design, located in sleaford, lincolnshire.

'jon lawrence: contemporary ceramics' ‘kill switches’ by jon lawrence, 2007 (installation of 10)

'jon lawrence: contemporary ceramics' ‘graff jar’ by jon lawrence, 2007

'jon lawrence: contemporary ceramics' ‘rubble’ by jon lawrence, 2007