‘the defrauder’ by jonathan callan, 2006 (paper and screws)jonathan callan is an english artist born in manchester and now based in london. his work is quite varied, however many of his works utilize books and paper as a sculptural medium. some of the piece combines books into large masses held together by screws, showing their pages and covers from the side angle. other works use plain white paper combined with glue or plaster to create a single form, much like marble. callan is currently represented by kudlek van der grinten gallery in cologne.


jonathan callan‘seven volumes’ by jonathan callan, 2009 (paper)

jonathan callan‘neon’ by jonathan callan, 2007 (paper and screws)

jonathan callan‘for stuart callan 1962-2005’ by jonathan callan, 2005 (paper and screws)

jonathan callan‘mass’ by jonathan callan, 2003 (silicone rubber and paper)

jonathan callan‘one half of the world in 1946’ by jonathan callan, 2009 (plaster and paper)

jonathan callan ‘man alive’ by jonathan callan, 2008 (paper)

jonathan callan‘politics’ by jonathan callan (paper and screws)

jonathan callan‘wilson’ by jonathan callan, 2006 (paper and screws)