josé luis torres creates eruption of plastic for passages insolites
all photos courtesy of josé luis torres




2015 passages insolites (unusual passages) participant josé luis torres, has installed his public art piece ‘overflows’ in quebec city’s old port. the large scale installation incorporates a multitude of objects removed from their usual context to explore the relationship between individuals and their possessions. the eruption of brightly colored plastic bursts from the shipping container, confronting viewers with an excessive, seemingly unstable composition which succeeds in creating a dialogue between consumerism and globalization. 

josé luis torres overflows passages insolites
a view from below reveals the dynamism of the installation achieved by employing shipping containers and vibrantly colored consumer objects

the plastic appears to erupt forth from the container, which appears to symbolize the consumer consumption and their means of transportation

josé luis torres overflows passages insolites
by angling the container atop another, the plastic seems to be captured mid-flight before it inundates its surroundings



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom