JR arranges dancers for new york city ballet art series
above image courtesy of JR




for the 2014 new york city ballet art series, french artist JR has worked with dancers, performers and paper in the creation of series of posters and floor-bound installations that will be installed throughout the renowned manhattan theater space. maneuvering the dancers’ bodies in intricate and abstract arrangements and simultaneously wrapping them around huge sheets of crimped white paper, JR creates the massive image of an eye photographed from above. each flexible human anatomy comprises a portion of the overall design — folded females form the crease, and a series of bodies circumventing a ring become the multi-layered likeness of an iris. the large-scale works will be on view at three special performances continuing on february 7th and february 13th, 2014. 


our friends over at complex have recently sat down with the french artist, where he discusses his collaboration with the ballet dancers, his concept and development and his relationship with new york city. you can read more and watch their video interview, here.


an introduction to nycb art series presenting JR
video courtesy of NYCB

the artist, JR lying on top of his large-scale work
image by stephanie szerlip

the floor-bound installation at the new york city ballet 
image by stephanie szerlip

images of the dancers’ body make up the final composition
image by stephanie szerlip