JR canvasses paris’ pantheon with portraits from around the globe
all images courtesy of le centre des monuments nationaux




french artist JR has completed an installation on an epic scale, canvassing the interior and exterior architectural elements of paris’ renowned pantheon building during its renovation. commissioned by the centre des monuments nationaux, ‘au pantheon’ derives from the artist’s ongoing ‘inside out project’, an international participatory program that asks people to take their picture and paste it in their community, to support an idea and spread a message.

JR canvasses paris' pantheon
the amassed portraits create a black and white photographic runway down the center of the site




for this iteration, within one of the word’s most famous sites, JR has collected hundreds of portraits during the month of march 2014 with his traveling photo booth truck. the amassed black-and-white images have been used to create a mosaic that is visible around the drum of the building, beneath the dome, on certain places within the monument, and on the floor, creating a photographic runway down the center of the site.

JR canvasses paris' pantheon
beneath the dome, faces from all over the world pattern the architectural surface

JR canvasses paris' pantheon
images collected from the artist’s photo booth truck are pasted around the exterior of the building