french artist and photographer JR takes to são paulo to pay tribute to the tobogã, located in one of the city’s most important landmarks — the pacaembú sports complex. built in the art deco style in the 1930s and inaugurated in the 1940s, the historic stadium has hosted several nations at the 1950 FIFA world cup. today the structure stands as one of the most beloved architectural icons within the vibrant city. depicting the hopeful, upward gaze of a sao paulo youth, the public artwork presents a continuation of the artist’s theme of expressing dignity and respect for others, especially those that are underprivileged or overlooked.

JR são paulo
images by JR | @jr



to celebrate its 80 years of existence, JR uses 1,480 strips of paper to cover the iconic tribune with the penetrating gaze of a young resident of an underprivileged community in brazil. the artist uses the tobogã of the pacaembú sports complex as a canvas to highlight this current era of great transformations as the gaze of the youth is ready for whatever the future may hold. JR develops the large-scale work together with galleria continua and galeria nara roesler.

JR são pauloJR são paulo JR são paulo JR são paulo JR são paulo



project info:


project title: tobogã mural

artist: JR | @jr

location: pacaembú sports complex, são paulo, brazil

support: galleria continua, galeria nara roesler

photography: JR