‘prayer board’ + ‘burka board’

working under the pseudonym ‘juan james’, chilean-born new york-based artist and designer sebastian errazuriz has collaborated with NYC artist and musician j. carlton dewoody to create two limited edition skateboards – ‘burka board’ and ‘prayer board’ – to be exhibited and auctioned for skateistan.

skateistan is afghanistan’s first skateboarding school, which engages growing numbers of urban and internally-displaced youth in afghanistan through skateboarding.  it is the only organization which provides girls in afghanistan with the opportunity to play sports. the platform provides youth with new opportunities to thrive in cross-cultural interaction, education and personal empowerment improving their quality of life. with 50 percent of the population under the age of 16, skateboarding classes are a first starting point for a series of other recreational and educational activities.

juan james: 'burka board' + 'prayer board' ‘prayer board’ detail

the exhibition and fundraising event will include more than 50 different customized boards created by a series of artists designers and skateboarders.

the fundraiser is tonight, august 20th, 2010 from 9pm – 12am at the red bull space in soho NY. tickets are 40 USD and you must RSVP here.

juan james: 'burka board' + 'prayer board'

juan james: 'burka board' + 'prayer board' ‘burka board’ detail

juan james: 'burka board' + 'prayer board' boarding

juan james: 'burka board' + 'prayer board'