‘la corrente’ by julie richey images courtesy of julie richey / © stacy bratton

texas artist julie richey has designed ‘la corrente’, a figurative dress sculpture hand-crafted out of marble, glass smalti, semi-precious stones, minerals and seashells.

created during the gulf oil spill, the object comments on the fragile ecosystem of the gulf of mexico and refers to the beauty existing  amidst destruction. motifs of seaweed and vegetation embellish the simple form, the hard materials following the gentle curves of the structure, giving the piece a sense of flowing movement.

julie richey: la corrente overall dress

richey says,

‘it was created during the gulf oil spill and it alludes to the many destructive forces, both man-made and natural, that creep in with the current.’

julie richey: la corrente detail of the mosaic stones

julie richey: la corrente detail of shells on the bottom of the dress