julien paccard has introduced ‘grrrnd zero’, a video project consisting of seven films, which explores spots of specific textures used by skateboarders. each texture almost becomes its own character and carries the viewer through the journey, creating a new appreciation for the usually overseen everyday environment.

mosaic brick 1
all images courtesy of julien paccard



the ‘rrr’ in the name ‘grrrnd zero’ stands for the sound the wheels a skateboard makes while rolling on a surface. with this project, julien paccard wasn’t looking to create a classical skateboarding video about ‘best of’ performances. here, spots and spatial elements take-over the practice itself, they are the main focus and interest. the not so usual stars of the films include seven textures: mosaic, wood, rock, marble, brick, metal, and glass.


mosaic brick 2



the music in these films plays an important role, while all textures get allocated to specific sounds that remind of their tonality. each film is able to exist by itself, but when playing all seven parts at the same time, a song emerges consisting of seven different instruments. the music was created by tommy buder, who is also featured as one of the skateboarders in the film.




mosaic brick 3


mosaic brick 4


mosaic brick 5




mosaic brick 6


mosaic brick 7


mosaic brick 8




project info:


name: grrrnd zero – complete project available here
artist: julien paccard
music: tommy buder




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