an abstract humanoid with no phalanges, and a pink creature with four peculiar holes on its back walk into an abstract space. act 1 of jun seo hahm’s animation, pocket legs, begins with these two unlikely characters crossing paths, evolves into the scariest conflict ever, and somehow resolves itself — all within 44 seconds.

jun seo hahm
all images courtesy of jun seo hahm



we’re in an abstract place with strangely sexual, fleshy colors and shapes. all that exists are these creatures, some funky beats and snares. the human’ish one seems to be aware of the crawling one.


the crawling thing doesn’t seem to be aware of anything but the beat, which it is strolling along, pseudo-dancing to.


it makes absolutely no sense, but at least one of these characters — the more human of the two — definitely seems to have thoughts and perhaps even emotions, as he examines the strange creature before him. 90% mesmerized by unfamiliar shapes, 10% curious about the fate of these two beings, we, the viewer, realize that we have been watching this animation for a full 15 seconds. then something scary as hell happens.
jun seo hahm



this humanoid thing is about to make a horrible, horrible decision. he his about to slide his foot into this pink creature’s shoulder-hole for no reason whatsoever. this can’t be good. jun seo hahm



for a moment back there — when we were distracted by a red screen and a dangling leg preparing to thrust its way into an unknown creature’s socket — we actually became concerned for these two faceless characters. we thought something could possibly go wrong in their world. of course, then, this happens. pocket legs happen.


the moral of this great joke could be to make the most of your situations, or it could be to go with the flow or something, but maybe jun sea hahm (PHD student) is playing with something more psychological than that. perhaps the lesson here is that those of us who decided to watch this video to its fullest are incapable of not watching it for whatever reason — because their is something innately alluring and satisfying about pocket legs.

jun seo hahmjun seo hahmjun seo hahmjun seo hahmjun seo hahmjun seo hahmjun seo hahm

jun seo hahm