jyo john mulloor’s custom made glasses give wearers the eyes of an animal
all images courtesy of jyo john mulloor




last year, dubai-based creative jyo john mulloor delighted motorcycle and design enthusiasts alike with his digital series of helmets that appeared to leave the human head exposed to outdoor elements. now, mulloor continues his graphic visualizations of ‘custom made’ wearables with a collection of goggles, realized in both animal and human editions. the oversized, rounded glasses placed on the model’s face are each overlaid with images of varying eyes. the facial features sourced from a diverse set of species — from owls to alligators — are superimposed onto the frames, forming a sharp juxtaposition between the female figure and the non-human face she wears.

large lizard eyes are superimposed onto the frames 

crocodile eyes are overlaid onto the ‘custom made goggles’ 

the images form a sharp juxtaposition between the human figure and animal face 

the oversized glasses are overlaid with images of varying eyes

the eyes of a snow leopard are placed atop the model’s face  

the eyes of a white bird transforms the image into a hybrid-human

reptile eyes overlaid on glasses contrast the image of the female wearing them

the set of glasses provide a look at the possibilities of personalization

male eyes are placed on a female figure 

the collection of goggles are realized in both animal and human editions