egyptian photographer karim amr captures the desert's monumental solitude

egyptian photographer karim amr captures the desert's monumental solitude

quiet deserts by karim amr


this series by photographer karim amr captures an ethereal atmosphere over the pyramids and deserts of egypt. seeking to develop a unique language across his images that was separate from the more typical travel photos, karim instills his work with a spirit that highlights the vast, empty solitude of the landscape. 


singling out a lone figure, tree, or moon overhead, each frame reminds the viewer of the desert’s lonely quietness. a trio of pyramids at giza emerge from the hazy horizon, stacking through space behind a small cluster of travelers in the distant foreground. the distinct representation of these pyramids grounds their monumentality and their ancient, mysterious presence.

karim amr photographyall images © karim amr | @krimamr



abstracted photography over egypt


through his photography, karim amr translates the desert landscape of egypt into an atmospheric abstraction. the endless dunes might fill the entire frame to become a flattened series of layers, expressing textural windswept sands. in some images the horizon is demarcated by a stark, graphic block of color. in others, it fades gently as a hazy gradient of soft hues. 


the presentation of this photo series is timely, as it coincides with this week’s opening of the exhibition, an encounter with the petit prince in paris (see more here). the show displays original pages and drawings by antoine de saint-exupéry whose work and life was very much shaped by his time spent in the african desert. he notes, ‘this is the loveliest and saddest landscape in the world.‘ the landscape’s representation by karim amr heavily parallels the sketches by saint-exupéry, with their minimal lines and empty space.

karim amr photography

karim amr photography
karim amr photography


egyptian photographer karim amr captures the desert's monumental solitude



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author: karim amr | @krimamr


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