currently living and working in marikina, philippines, katherine nuñez and issay rodriguez are the two youngest artists presented at the ‘viva arte viva’ main exhibition of the 57th edition of the venice art biennale. situated at the giardini pavilion, ‘in between the lines 2.0’ is an installation consisting of a desk and a set of books which are made entirely of stitched fabric, embroidery and crochet. the pieces invite the audience to interact with them while illustrating also recreations of school supplies.

katherine nuñez issay rodriguez read between the lines 2.0 venice art biennale designboom
called ‘in between the lines 2.0’, the installation is made of crochet books and school utensils
videos courtesy of la biennale di venezia / images courtesy of montblanc



the ‘in between the lines 2.0’ installation by katherine nuñez and issay rodriguez at the venice art biennale unpacks complex narratives by which history is fixed, enticing the viewer to read between the lines. the embroidered pieces that range from books to pencils to glue generate a dialogue between the tactile eye and a sense of intimacy. this last one is achieved as the piece itself feels as if the artists had brought to venice a little piece of their studio, stitch-by-stitch.

katherine nuñez issay rodriguez read between the lines 2.0 venice art biennale designboom
the pieces invite the visitors to touch them while raising the theme of education and learning



by claiming the theme of learning, the installation gives a new meaning to common objects due to their new materiality. the relationship between the craft of embroidery in ordinary circumstances of a household is stated as it is brought into the contemporary art world scene. labor and education as well as craft vs. technology themes demonstrate that the roll of the artist is still valid and important in our society, as it works as an instrument to decipher reality.


visitors being attracted to the tactile experience the artwork features



during the venice biennale, the montblanc cultural foundation unveiled that the ‘in between the lines 2.0’ installation was acquired for its montblanc art collection. following its presentation at the biennale, the piece will be joining the collection and its 210 contemporary artworks by more than 180 international artists. led by co-chairmen sam bardaouil and tillferath, the foundation enables young and emerging artists to produce new work within the context of a temporary exhibition, a biennale, or an art festival.


‘by commissioning new works by emerging artists, montblanc seeks to give today’s most exciting talent the opportunity to participate in major international arts events and have broader audiences experience their work.’ explains jens henning koch, board member of the montblanc cultural foundation. ‘the original and thought-provoking perspectives of katherine nuñez and issay rodriguez make this work a thrilling addition to the montblanc art collection following its first public preview at the venice biennale.’

katherine nuñez issay rodriguez read between the lines 2.0 venice art biennale designboom
issay rodriguez and katherine nuñez