kimchi and chips materializes 3-dimensional sculptures from light
images courtesy of kimchi and chips




with a fascination in illumination and its physical properties, seoul-based art and design studio kimchi and chips have formed ‘light barrier’, materializing glowing rays as 3-dimensional geometries and shapes. through the crossing of millions of calibrated beams, projection, scanning and convex mirrors, the installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space and time. volumetric compositions emerge as floating sculptures, hovering gracefully above the earth, then quickly metamorphose into dynamic moving images. the artists’ ‘study of digital light discusses a new visual mechanic, their installation adding to the visual language of space and light.’ they describe ‘brush strokes become descriptive like code, detailing reality and allying light with canvas.’



light barrier, 2014
video courtesy of mimi son

floating sculptures materialize in space, moving through time

kimchi and chips forms 3D light phantoms
geometry is formed by the crossing of light beams

materializing in space

kimchi and chips forms 3D light phantoms
visitors to the installation are immersed in a field of light

kimchi and chips forms 3D light phantoms
a light sculpture hovering above the installation