first developed in 2007 by swiss designers jodoc elmiger and valérie jacquemet, the kosmosphaera is a colorful collection of glassmade macro-marbles that invoke timeless childhood memories. during that period in people’s lives,’memories were transparent, colourful and bright as jewels. a completely care-free atmosphere, like colourful glass marbles‘, as expressed by the duo.   

the marbles sit on a layer of afghan sand, reflecting the original playing space of the chilhood game



from this particular reflection, jodoc elmiger and valérie jacquemet speak to all of us with their kosmosphaera collection. crafted by swiss glassmaker mattero gonet, the use of traditional glassworks for this project stands as an archetypical object that could captivate nostalgic adults as well as children in today’s consumerist lifestyle — where nintendo and toy marketing have taken over. furthermore, this particular material brings about a greater awareness: glass symbolizes longevity in a technologically and digitally immersed society where everything is discarded and changing by the second. 

kosmosphaera macro-marbles deisgnboom
for today’s child, the marble reinforces the mysteries of a miniature world / exhibited at the mobilab gallery

kosmosphaera macro-marbles deisgnboom
close up of the glassworked marbles, dispaying bold and colorful patterns



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom