‘force of gravity’, 2008 (kunstnernes hus, oslo)

kristin nordhøy is a norweigan artist who who has exhibited extensively in her native country. her works are very material based, re-interpreting common household materials such as masking tape and plastic cups in new ways. at oslo’s kunstnernes hus ‘drawing biennale’ she exhibited ‘force of gravity’, a black wall covered in strips of tape, some of which had fallen to the ground by gravity. ‘cups in a circle’ is a snake-like knot that is made from stacking plastic cups, an unusual form for a common object.

http://www.nordhoy.comkristin nordhøy ‘force of gravity’, 2008 (kunstnernes hus, oslo)

kristin nordhøy ‘cups in circles’, 2008 (0047, oslo)

kristin nordhøy ‘sinking cups’, 2008 (smia, kristiansand)

kristin nordhøy ‘contour curtain’, 2007 (lautom contemporary, oslo)