laser cat projects the work of renowned artists onto miami buildings
all images courtesy of laser cat





a giant cat head that radiates art through its laser beam eyes is the latest commission of the art directors club, created for their 93rd annual awards + festival of art and craft in advertising and design. ‘laser catis conceived by barcelona-based hungry castle and comprises a massive feline face with illuminated ‘lasers’ for eyes, which use high powered projectors to transfer the personal art projects of the creative community onto urban surroundings. renowned artists and designers like stefan sagmeister, milton glaser, banksy and david lynch have already submitted their work, preparing to exhibit publicly on the south beach streets. the event will take place through the digital eyes of the quirky cat face from april 7-9th, 2014 in miami beach. 


laser cat
video courtesy of hungry castle

projecting art on the walls

art radiating on the side of a building

art will be projected towards the moon