leandro erlich’s latest brain-bending work sends visitors to japan’s KAMU kanazawa museum down a seemingly never-ending set of stairs. ‘infinite staircase’ opens to the public today, july 23, 2020, offering guests a puzzling and playful experience. the installation continues erlich’s signature artistic expression in breaking the laws of gravity and blending the real world with an illusionary one, challenging perceptions of space while inviting visitors to alter the way they perceive reality.

leandro erlich
all images courtesy of KAMU kanazawa



‘infinite staircase’ at KAMU kanazawa is an experience-based installation that viewers can enter and enjoy. as visitors access the artwork, they are immersed in an illusion that seemingly expands space, and creates a never-ending stairwell that leads to infinity. the visual trickery invites contemplation and wonderment, a sense of stepping into the unknown that turns a familiar and everyday element into something extraordinary. alongside the installation, an exhibition of erlich’s work drawings and a public production are held comprise ‘the power of things’, while the ‘infinite staircase’ installation will become part of the permanent collection of KAMU kanazawa.

leandro erlich's infinite staircase at japan's KAMU kanazawa seemingly expands space



erlich’s has a penchant for toying with the public’s perception of space — the argentine artist unveiled ‘sous le ciel’ (‘under the sky’) at paris’ le bon marché, turning the store’s famed escalator into a twisting optical illusion. in 2015, erlich seemingly pulled a house out of the ground by its roots in germany, with a building crane suspending a house in midair by steel ropes.

leandro erlich

leandro erlich

leandro erlich



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project info: 


artist: leandro erlich

exhibition: infinite staircase

location: KAMU kanazawa
yubinbango920-8509 kanazawa, ishikawa prefecture hirosaka 1-1-52

dates: opening july 23, 2020