leon keer enlivens downtown las vegas with 3d mural


With his latest 3D street mural ‘Crypto Casino’, anamorphic mural artist Leon Keer enlivens the corner of a parking lot in Downtown Las Vegas by illustrating a giant slot machine. The vibrant and witty artwork with a pop surrealism aesthetic questions the rapid emergence of cryptocurrency and the risks it can pose through uninformed decision-making. Likening mainstream crypto trading to the traditional practice of casino gambling that is so widely prevalent in Las Vegas, Keer explains: ‘you can go all in, but without the recognized risk, cryptos can become an addictive gambling product.’

leon keer's giant 3D mural paints retro crypto slot machine in las vegas
‘the biggest slot machine in Vegas’ | all images courtesy of Leon Keer



the retro crypto slot machine questions gambling addiction


In a humorous representation, artist Leon Keer renders ‘the biggest slot machine in Vegas’ through the lens of a bold, retro aesthetic. The vibrant, saturated colours characteristic of the pop surrealist movement and vintage typography on the conventional casino gambling machine juxtapose the current 21st-century digital cryptocurrency wave. In place of fruit symbols, the rotating reels of ‘Crypto Casino’ reveal crypto coins including Bitcoin, KRP and Tether. Moreover, the anamorphic mural presents an intriguing 3D illusion, inviting spectators to engage with it from various perspectives and ponder the artwork’s message.

leon keer's giant 3D mural paints retro crypto slot machine in las vegas
Leon Keer’s 3D street mural ‘Crypto Casino’ enlivens Downtown Las Vegas



leon keer renders everyday objects with pop surrealism


Leon Keer specializes in creating anamorphic 3D street art, employing illusionary perspectives to question pressing issues such as environmental concerns, social inequality, and the liveability of this world. Typically inspired by the pop surrealism movement, his artworks reveal a fascination for old materials and a ‘timeless longing for unspoiled beauty,’ often taking cues from mundane everyday objects, including teacups, vases and cameras. His mural ‘Shattering’ depicts four delicate china cups appearing to be tumbling out from the side of a building in Sweden, and with augmented reality the artwork enables viewer interaction as they scan the painting with their smartphones and see it come to life virtually.  


Painted by Leon Keer with the support of Netherlands-based artist Massina, ‘Crypto Casino’ has been curated by multi-disciplinary design collaborative Justkids for Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful festival.

leon keer's giant 3D mural paints retro crypto slot machine in las vegas
in place of fruit symbols, the rotating reels of the slot machine depict crypto coins

crypto casino
the anamorphic mural presents an intriguing 3D illusion



project info:


name: Crypto Casino
designer: Leon Keer

location: Downtown Las Vegas



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