dutch pop-surrealist artist, leon keer, poses the timely question ‘is it important to stay connected everywhere, even on such a beautiful location?’ unveiling his latest artwork, ‘offline’ anamorphic land art, amidst the swiss alps in crans-montana, he reflects upon the need of connectivity and the contemporary meaning of being offline. the artwork is comprised of a wifi signal symbol, a widely-recognized sign that conveys the modern need of being present in the virtual world. 




the artist places the recognizable symbol among rolling swiss hills. at first glance, observers see it from afar as an ordinary, well-known symbol taken completely out of its context and medium, and placed in the beautiful scenery. upon closer inspection and becoming closer to the piece, viewers comprehend the extensive slope the piece covers. keer argues that the captivating surroundings make viewers forget about being online and become humble and receptive towards nature and the beauty in life. 




the piece was made over three days by keer and assistant, massina, and covers 2000sqm. the artists used 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable paint, to make the minimal impact on the environment. the land artwork will be on view from 22 – 31 july 2019
vision art festival crans-montana switzerland.




project info:


project name: offline anamorphic land art

artist: leon keer, assisted by massina

event: vision art festival 2019

location: crans-montana, switzerland