lino russo abstracts milan expo architecture for skymetric series
all images © lino russo




lino russo forms the title of his photographic series ‘skymetric’ from two words: ‘sky’ and ‘geometric’. the italian photographer has documented the architectural sites, structures and pavilions presented at expo milan 2015, emphasizing the decontextualization of places and spaces. looking upwards towards the sky, russo snaps each building’s rooftop, corners, windows and walls from fragmented vantage points and perspectives. the resulting compositions reveal simple shapes, repetitive patterns, angular lines and saturated colors as the primary interpreted elements. 


the lindt exhibition space is abstracted to show shadow and light forming multiple tones on the building façade

the korea pavilion at expo milan 2015 is highlighted for its architectural details

the russian pavilion: a blue sky backdrop contrasts gold-hued details on a the rooftop

the auditorium features a smooth gradient of pink and white that transitions down the length of the building

the rippled UAE pavilion by foster + partners: read more on designboom here

a white mesh façade is highlighted against a saturated blue sky backdrop

sunlight passes over the morocco pavilion with long, rectangular windows

the waterstone pavilion features a repetitive white pattern that overlaps throughout the length of the image

a view of the auditorium, where black and pink architectural details meet 

long white ridges repeat on a gradual incline