‘liquidated chanel’ by zevs, 2007 (installation view in zurich)



zevs is a young french artist who lives and works in paris. he doesn’t typically display his work in galleries, preferring instead to use the urban environment as the canvas for his street art. he has pioneered his own style of french street art that blurs the line between vandalism and art. he has painted outlines of cast shadows, to resemble forensic outlines and shot pin-up ads with red paint and let it run. his first london gallery show at lazarides gallery, features his ‘liquidated logos’ series. this group of paintings features hand-painted versions of the world’s biggest brands that have been allowed to succumb to the effects of gravity. the show will remain on until november 29.


'liquidated logos' by zevs ‘liquidated apple’ by zevs, 2007 & ‘liquidated coca cola’ by zevs, 2007



'liquidated logos' by zevs ‘visual attack’ by zevs, 2001 (paris) & ‘signal fire’ by zevs, 2000 (paris)



'liquidated logos' by zevs ‘liquidated mcdonald’s’ by zevs, 2006 (paris)



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