hundreds of hanging balloons turn french courtyard into a hazy pink haven
image © FAV paul kozlowski




at this year’s lively architecture festival in montpellier, france, margaux rodot, mickaël martin & benoit tastet refer to the ephemerality of the spring season for their colorful and engaging urban installation. ‘un dixieme printemps’ — the jury award winner — is set within the picturesque courtyard of the hotel de griffy, interacting with the architecture of the existing site. hundreds of pink and white balloons are suspended on a netted grid that spans from corner-to-corner overhead. the saturated orbs cover the entire square opening allowed by the courtyard walls, turning the expected blue skies into a hazy pink haven. below, a grassy area filled with balloons offers visitors a place for rest and relaxation, while surrounding them further in a whimsical abyss.

the installation is set within the picturesque courtyard of the hotel de griffy
image © FAV paul kozlowski




for their installation in france, the team evokes ohanami, a japanese traditional custom to admire the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms. ‘un dixieme printemps’ — or ‘the tenth spring’ — allows viewers to immerse themselves in a suspended moment, one that arouses the image of petals dropping in the wind. the team describe, ‘this staging of the coming of spring to its disappearance invites the impatient passersby and the most sensitive dreamers to meditate on the inviolability of passing time, on the delicate balance of life but especially on its perpetual renewal.’

the balloons refer to the ephemerality of the spring season 
image © FAV paul kozlowski

hundreds of pink and white orbs are suspended from a canopy above the courtyard
image © FAV paul kozlowski

a grassy area offers visitors the chance to interact with the balloons 
image © FAV paul kozlowski

the balloons cast a pink hazy glow in the courtyard 
image © FAV paul kozlowski

the installation evokes ohanami, a japanese custom to admire the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms
image courtesy of un dixieme printemps

image courtesy of un dixieme printemps

from above: a net suspends the sea of balloons overhead visitors 
image courtesy of un dixieme printemps