bringing back to her favorite childhood toy, designer liya jacobi created waterful, creating a large rendition of the retro object. after two years of prototypes, trials, failures and plans in order to make the toy function both visually and mechanically, the designer introduced the decorative piece that makes any space more playful.




jacobi made sure the toys worked seamlessly and lasted for a long time. the objects in each waterful are 3D printed, hand-painted and undergo a special coating process to ensure that they will not disintegrate in water. ​ each object’s precise weight allows it to float properly in the installation. ​the toy’s production has a unique process according to its theme and the pieces necessary to make its story come to life. ​




the two models created so far include a space-themed envirornment and an adam and eve scene. both include the free-floating objects that bounce around when players hit the round buttons, sending streams of water into the box.




all waterful pieces are made by the liya jacobi herself in tel aviv. she uses wood, plexiglass, 3D printed objects, and water to create the fun, tiny worlds. the toy’s size of 60*80*20 cm makes it ideal to hang, bringing a new entertainment object to any room.

liya jacobi brings back giant version of retro childhood toy 'waterful'



product info:


designer: liya jacobi

product name: waterful



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