located on the underside of paddington central’s westway bridge in london, is british artist liz west’s first permeant piece, titled colour transfer.
liz west london
all images by jason bailey



an optically vibrant and kaleidoscopic installation was created using multiple angled colored mirrors and brickwork. as you walk through the tunnel, the prismatic shapes of the mirror which compliment the architecture of the bridge’s underbelly, allows for the colors to change depending on where you are located. thus, the piece will appear differently depending to your line of vision with the tunnel. liz west london



this was also achieved with west positioning the mirrors in a special arrangement that runs from dark to pale pink. pedestrians will therefore encounter the fluctuating effect of light and reflections created by the colored mirrors.liz west london



this project exhibit’s west attempt at encouraging new ways of seeing, and to ‘increase and heighten people’s individual visual perception and wellbeing. additionally, it is west’s main goal to create a new environment building off of an existing site by using materials, such as the mirrors heavily featured in this piece, to draw attention to the different aspects of architecture not particularly noticed immediately or perhaps forgotten.liz west londonliz west londonliz west londonartist liz west's first permeant installation, colour transfer, redefines paddington bridgeliz west londonliz west londonliz west london