some reinterpretations of london’s iconic underground map


the london underground is 150 years old this week. on 9 january 1863 the subway service opened to the public and now the system transports over 1000 million passengers each year.


not only is the london underground one of the busiest public transport networks in the world, it’s also one of the most iconic, with a rich visual language that includes the infamous roundel logo and the diagrammatic map designed by harry beck in 1933.


to mark the anniversary of the ‘tube’ we’ve collected some playful reinterpretations of beck’s iconic design…


london underground map reinterpretedthe original london underground map by harry beck (designed in 1933)today’s official tube maps are still largely based on this groundbreaking design.





london underground map reinterpreted

the great bear’ by simon patterson, 1992patterson subverts the tube map replacing station names with groups of peoplefrom scientists, saints and philosophers to comedians, explorers and footballers.




london underground map reinterpretedbiblical tube map by james eaglesfield




london underground map reinterpretedmoral underground by the poke




london underground map reinterpretedgeographically accurate tube map by mark noad




london underground map reinterpreted3d map by andy hudson-smith of the digital urban blog.



london underground map reinterpretedlondon underground and railyways map by zero per zero




london underground map reinterpretedchromatic diagram by francisco dans





london underground map reinterpreted

twisted tube map by francisco dans



london underground map reinterpreted


tube map of the milky way by samuel arbesman




london underground map reinterpretedanimals on the underground by paul middlewick


london underground map reinterpretedhand drawn maps from memoryfor an exhibit at the museum of london, members of the public were asked to drawthe london underground map from memory – above are a selection of the results – more info here.




london underground map reinterpreteduntitled artwork by david shrigley for the cover of the london underground pocket tube map, 2005




london underground map reinterpreted‘london underground circuit maps’ by yuri suzuki – more images here




london underground map reinterpretedposter for the tate gallery by david booth, 1986 more info here




london underground map reinterpretedtube map made from drinking straws by kyle bean



morethe guardian have a illustrated history of the london tube map here and you can visit the londonist for many more alternative designs.