luca meneghel fuses photography with drawing for calypso compositions
all images courtesy of luca meneghel




based in bolzano, italy, luca meneghel has released the visuals for his project called ‘calypso,’ a collection of images that merge the disciplines of photography and drawing. within each composition, a set of translucent curtains hides the sinuous form of a model. behind her, light shines through a window to emphasize the curvature of her silhouette as she elegantly poses atop a reflective white surface. meanwhile, drawings by norma nardi adorn the swaying fabric sheets. using various shades of purple, the artist creates painterly patterns and layers that follow the female’s frame to replicate articles of clothing such as dresses, bathing suits, and nightgowns. the depth of the draperies combined with the two-dimensional brushstrokes that compliment the contours of the model result in a set of surreal photographs to embody the idea that multiple mediums can collaborate for works of art.

luca meneghel calypso photography drawing makeup
splitting the curtains adds depth to the compositions by making observers experience multiple layers

luca meneghel calypso photography drawing makeup
the brushstrokes on the fabric mimic the bottom of a gown

luca meneghel calypso photography drawing makeup
splotches and marks of different purple hues add another dimension to the garments

luca meneghel calypso photography drawing makeup
backlighting emphasizes the body of the model

luca meneghel calypso photography drawing makeup
the artistic mediums work together to create an overall image



project info:


photo: luca meneghel
drawings: norma nardi
make up and hair: sabine gutwenger
stylist: erin fox
model: sabrina delazer
assistant: melani de luca



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