lucy sparrow exhibits her entirely felt-made mcdonald's in miami

lucy sparrow exhibits her entirely felt-made mcdonald's in miami

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hand-sewn and hand-painted mcdonald’s


From a New York deli shop to an LA grocery store, every object British feltist Lucy Sparrow sews makes people want to keep touching it. The tangible items and food art look surreal at first glance, but once viewers graze their fingers on them, they might feel compelled to check their surroundings and stash them in their bags, walking away with prized possessions off Sparrow’s repertoire.


The recent quirk that came out of Sparrow’s creative endeavors showed up in Scope Miami Beach during Miami Art Week 2022. It was no longer a shop, but a full-out fast-food diner. Sparrow, with all her sewing magic, opened her Mcdonald’s exhibition design in Miami where everything was entirely made of felt.

lucy sparrow mcdonald's miami
images courtesy of Lucy Sparrow



Lucy Sparrow’s pop-up Mcdonald’s made viewers feel as if they were in the fast-food chain’s branch, minus the oily food and greasy surfaces. On the felt menu board, hungry visitors could select their Mcdonald’s meals for a hefty price, ranging between 300 USD and 600 USD. If those were too expensive for them, they could always opt for two packets of ketchup for 25 USD (12.5 USD each, but they seemed to have been offered as a bundle).

lucy sparrow mcdonald's miami
Lucy Sparrow and her felt baked apple pie



Lucy sparrow shares felt mcdonald’s meals


The details that Sparrow put into her work shone during the exhibition. Her cheeseburgers had that gritty texture that real burger patties have, and the fur of the burger buns poked out of the material. The felt artist dropped her version of sesame seeds too, only white in color and looking like fingernails. The playful touch of Sparrow came through as she finished off the burger with a pair of eyes and smiling lips.

lucy sparrow mcdonald's miami
Lucy Sparrow’s Mcdonald’s in Miami Art Week 2022



On an Instagram post, Sparrow gleefully shared her first-ever prints that she put up during the Mcdonald’s exhibition in Miami. Though Miami Art Week ended, the felt artist continues to offer her McFelt Collection prints on her website for those who want to order their own Sparrow-Mcdonald’s collection that they can never get anywhere else (unless, of course, parties sign for commercialization of Sparrow’s food art). 

lucy sparrow mcdonald's miami
close-up of felt big mac container

lucy sparrow mcdonald's miami
there’s even a felt coca-cola machine


McFelt Collection by Lucy Sparrow

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