madison theater mural in detroit by HENSE
all images courtesy of HENSE and sal rodriguez


HENSE‘s latest mural, painted on the bedrock real estate services’ madison theater building in downtown detroit is his second largest work to date. the artwork measures approximately 100,000-square-feet – over 6 stories tall. it took 3 weeks and over 100 gallons of paint to complete. the project was curated by library street collective.


‘generally work with a bit of a spontaneous process, but being that the madison building is such a massive scale, i selected colors ahead of time and had a little bit of an idea of what direction i wanted to go in. all of my work is purely abstract and nonrepresentational so it’s not intended to have any kind of meaning other than the form, line, color, and composition.’HENSE told dbusiness




madison theater mural in detroit by HENSE


over 100 gallons of paint were used to complete the artwork


the mural took three weeks to finish, here you can see the work in progress


alex brewer AKA HENSE and his assistant at work











HENSE at work


HENSE at work



a view of the finished mural in downtown detroit




‘I describe my public works as contemporary public art and my paintings as contemporary painting. I’m interested in the relationships of elements, shapes and colors and how they interact with each other. mark making is a form of expression that I like to focus on as well. I think a lot about context and where the work will be seen.’ – HENSE


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