marzia bisognin crafts gang of pottery creatures with latest collection, maì accents

marzia bisognin crafts gang of pottery creatures with latest collection, maì accents

UK-based italian designer marzia bisognin presents the ceramics line maì accents. the entirely self-taught artist, with a background in fashion design and video production, had released several collections of work since 2015, ranging from lines of clothing to interior products. it was not until just over a year ago that bisognin began learning and experimenting with pottery, ultimately refining her skill and hand crafting each piece out of her own pottery studio in the united kingdom.

mai accents marzia
all images © benjamin franklin, courtesy of marzia bisognin



maì accents comprises a collection of pots and dishes which take shape as whimsical and expressive creatures. through the experimental design process, marzia seeks to translate the pragmatic objects into a series of bodies and introduce different personalities through expressions. while developing this formal style, the designer investigates the effects of different glazing techniques, a process which typically lends unexpected results. ‘opening the kiln after firing is such an exciting moment!‘ marzia elaborates, ‘what I hope is that people can look at this bunch of funny looking items, and find some enjoyment out of them.’

mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia



project info:


project title: maì accents

designer: marzia bisognin

photography: benjamin franklin

  • Nice to see how designboom allows insulting comments towards the one person that pointed out flaws in the artist’s work of this article but no other critical voices of said artist in the article…

  • Absolutely enchanted by these whimsical pieces! I wish they weren’t sold out, but I will keep trying.

  • woooow Maddalena sounds like someone’s bitter. I wouldn’t criticize any artists that harshly, an artist needs criticism in order to work on getting better but I don’t think that’s what you did. There are many artists out there that won’t be for you because they’re not catering to you. Their style just doesn’t appeal to you. Some famous artist will have a painting with only two or three brush strokes and someone will see it as beautiful , the epitome of art. While others will laugh and say they can do it too and that they’re only brushstrokes, no talent, or no actual thought went to the painting. Marzia’s pieces aren’t for me, I love quirky pieces but her designs are not exactly to my taste. But that doesn’t mean she’s a bad artist. She started off drawing her woodland creatures in her youtube videos and then it grew into a few prints, which eventually led to actual items, like pillows. From there her viewers were the ones who basically dictated that they loved her art style and products so she grew her store. And now she’s being featured here, so she must be doing something right.

  • Oh, god. Maddalena, are you serious? Marzia’s art isnt lazzy at all, she did this concept for us, the people who loved some draws she made.
    Thanks designboom, thanks a lot. Im so glad i found this article.

  • Lazy? Unconsidered? Stupid? Shame on you??? High time these words were used to describe the relentless war that some women are waging against Marzia Bisognin. We all know the reasons, don’t we? Spite and hatred are vented at Bisognin’s happy private life. She is Italian and therefore she is fascinated with everything that is creative; she exhibits her skills with child-like (NOT childish), poignant clarity; she meets her followers’ tastes with unerring simplicity. Too bad there are persons who sign themselves “I-am-only-an-envy-cat”. It is very bad for the complexion. They should aim their hate at somebody else.

  • Wow. Honestly, as I consider DesignBoom a platform I like and used to follow, I didn’t see this article coming.
    I don’t normally write this kind of comments, but her lazy “art” is painful to look at.

    Please look at the “Veggies” print on her shop. She couldn’t even be bothered to draw TWO DIFFERENT CARROTS. She literally copy-pasted the carrot and drew a new face on it. Marzia doesn’t even TRY to put effort into learning or perfecting the skills that she claims to already have (pottery and drawing).

    Also, the drawing itself is just bad. I myself am a huge fan of a naive aesthetic when it comes to illustration, but this isn’t it. There’s a different between naive and amateur.

    The drawing lacks texture and dimension. It appears that she drew it digitally with the preset/basic photoshop brush setting, and she doesn’t even appear to have pressure sensitivity set up, so all the strokes are one width all the way through. Which could work, but there’s no cohesion in the piece because there’s absolutely no consistency with stroke width. Compare the strokes on the peas to the strokes on the yellow thing in the right bottom corner. The color palette doesn’t work in my eyes either, some of the colors are strangely saturated compared to the rest of the piece and stand out a lot due to that (shadow on the blue eggplant, and the saturated green of the peas inside the pod). The lighting of the piece is also a huge mess. The placement and direction of the highlight and shadow changes on every single item. Somehow on the eggplant the highlight and the shadow are on the same side. For some reason, the apple doesn’t even HAVE a highlight, and the radish doesn’t have a shadow.

    I’m sorry if this is all super nit-picky but her stupid online store genuinely upsets me, especially as someone with a background in design. It’s so clear that she puts absolutely no effort into her pieces but yet gets to make an income playing at being an ‘artist’, while genuinely talented people who have spent years perfecting their craft struggle to be able to market their skills. Everything about her ‘artwork’ is lazy, unconsidered and ripped off from other better pieces by other, better artists. I get that she’s a fan of the arts but then why not use your following to draw attention to those you admire rather than making cheap imitations?
    Either that or she should take down her stupid store and spend a few years actually learning to draw/paint/sculpt and then come back once she actually has something worthwhile to share.

    It just irritates me to no end that she SELLS this stuff, when if it wasn’t attached to her name these ‘illustrations’ wouldn’t even rack up 10 likes on Instagram.

    And shame on you Design Boom for promoting this.


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