UK-based italian designer marzia bisognin presents the ceramics line maì accents. the entirely self-taught artist, with a background in fashion design and video production, had released several collections of work since 2015, ranging from lines of clothing to interior products. it was not until just over a year ago that bisognin began learning and experimenting with pottery, ultimately refining her skill and hand crafting each piece out of her own pottery studio in the united kingdom.

mai accents marzia
all images © benjamin franklin, courtesy of marzia bisognin



maì accents comprises a collection of pots and dishes which take shape as whimsical and expressive creatures. through the experimental design process, marzia seeks to translate the pragmatic objects into a series of bodies and introduce different personalities through expressions. while developing this formal style, the designer investigates the effects of different glazing techniques, a process which typically lends unexpected results. ‘opening the kiln after firing is such an exciting moment!‘ marzia elaborates, ‘what I hope is that people can look at this bunch of funny looking items, and find some enjoyment out of them.’

mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia mai accents marzia



project info:


project title: maì accents

designer: marzia bisognin

photography: benjamin franklin