marc quinn

may 23 to september 27, 2009 casa di giulietta, verona curator: danilo eccher

marc quinn love painting, 2009 pencil, ink, paper collage on canvas image courtesy of the artist


marc quinn‘s exhibition will run along a route of main historic sites in the city of verona, where a selection of his installations will be located in the scenic setting of the piazza bra in castelvecchio, at porta borsari.

the route acts as a trail and concludes inside the mythological casa di giulietta (house of juliette). this is considered to be the ‘heart’ of the exhibition, where his most famous work, his cycle of flower paintings, will be shown with a series of new works including his important sculpture ‘siren’, made of solid gold.

the link between physical locations and the ideals of the trail lies in the exhibition’s overall theme:’the myth’, collaboratively chosen by the curator and the artist himself. the notion of displaying the core of the exhibition at the casa di giulietta came from the desire for quinn to dive into the scenario of the legendary excellence that has been celebrated by the shakespearean drama of the lovers of verona – a real time place in which the keys for the observation and contemporary reading of the story of romeo and juliette has become universal heritage.

marc quinn at the casa di giulietta in verona marc quinn siren, 2008 made of 18 karat gold 88 x 65 x 50cm image © marc quinn, courtesy of byblos art gallery


marc quinn at the casa di giulietta in verona marc quinn waiting for godot, 2006 made from patinated bronze image courtesy of byblos art gallery