marcos zotes sites immersive digital P-cube in moscow’s VDNKh park
all images courtesy of marcos zotes




towering above visitors to moscow’s VDNKh park is an immersive installation that bears an ephemeral appearance during the day, and becoming fully alive with geometric visuals by night. commissioned by the polytechnic museum, P-cube is a temporary pavilion designed by spanish-icelandic artist marcos zotes and his studio UNSTABLE, comprising a nine meter high, and nine meter wide cubic scaffolding structure. a semi-transparent layer of fabric wraps the entire framework, forming a façade to project a dynamic digital component. on the exterior, a grid-like organism slowly transforms the integrity of the cube through a series of continuous morphological and colorful changes. a sound recording by russian electronic musician pixelord accompanies the graphic metamorphosis.  



P-cube in motion
video courtesy of UNSTABLE




visitors can enter the pavilion through the structure’s four different sides. two sets of staircases provide vertical access to the public viewing platform, located six meters above ground. this level offers panoramic views over the landscape, while allowing the audience to be completely immersed in the physical-digital environment of light and shadows that the pavilion continually generates. 

a geometric graphic is projected onto the surface of P-cube

colorful geometries continually morph and manipulate the character of the cube

as the installation changes in hue, the grid-like organism simultaneoulsy slowly transforms

a nine meter high, and nine meter wide cubic scaffolding structure towers overhead 

a semi-transparent layer of fabric wraps the entire framework

inside, visitors are immersed in a colorful spectrum of graphics, light and shadow 

the audience is able to climb the scaffold and arrive at a viewing platform 

two sets of staircases lead to the upper levels of the structure 

the entryway to the upper platform of P-cube is wrapped in the fabric façade 

visitors wait online to enter P-cube within moscow’s VDNKh park