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continuing his series of studio visits, following that of alexandre de betak’s, world renowned fashion and portrait photographer mario testino ventures to the workplace of the leading ceramic artist, adriana varejão, in rio de janeiro, brazil. launched on the miramira.tv website, the latest video depicts the artist’s distinct creative process and explores how themes, such as the complex political history of her nation, has influenced her work. this is no more apparent than in her exceptionally sculptural paintings, which extend from the canvases to show subtle cracks of deep cultural meaning.

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working in rio de janeiro – the city of her birthplace – adriana varejão’s creations span the field of art, engaging with paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs. tile materials dominate her pieces and explore rich references to traditional european, brazilian and chinese styles. her work has been featured in many solo exhibitions, among many others, including the instituto de arte contemporanea in lisbon (1998), the foundation cartier pour l’art contemporain in pairs (2005), and the hara museum of contemporary art in tokyo (2007).

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the video is the second feature of mario testino’s studio visits series, which as a whole, aims to provide the public with a view of the private spaces of the creative minds that run the worlds of fashion, art and contemporary culture. here, testino gives viewers a great insight into the vast collections of sources and work that is housed in adriana varejão’s creative space.


stay tuned to designboom to see more of mario testino’s insightful studio visits series.

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