retired train conductor | jackson, MS | 1-person household | started meals on wheels in his community | 2008

photographer mark menjivar has created a series of portraits looking inside people’s fridges. the series was completed of a span of three years in homes all over the united states. each photograph is shot ‘as is’ and represents a wide swath of people. the series began when menjivar traveled across the us and began to ‘think about the foods we consume and the effects they have on us as individuals and communities’. this led him to ask people to photograph their fridge. the series is very revealing as each piece is accompanied by a short description of its owner.

mark menjivar: you are what you eatowner of defunct amusement park | alpine, TX | 1-person household | former WWII prisoner of war | 2007

mark menjivar: you are what you eatmidwife/middle school science teacher | san antonio, TX | 3-person household (including dog) | first week after deciding to eat locally grown vegetables. | 2008

mark menjivar: you are what you eatrestaurant owner | waco, TX | 1-person household | has a photographic memory for useless information. | 2009

mark menjivar: you are what you eatbar tender | san antonio, TX | 1-person household | goes to sleep at 8am and wakes up at 4pm daily. | 2008

mark menjivar: you are what you eatanesthesiologist | ft. worth , TX | 3-person household | youngest son works on lobster boat in alaska | day after thanksgiving, 2007

mark menjivar: you are what you eatbotanist | ft. wayne, IN | 1-person household | feels more comfortable among flora and fauna of his era than people. | 2008