mark reigelman reflects louisville’s landscape on oak barrels
images courtesy of mark reigelman




brooklyn based artist mark reigelman II has realized a temporary, site-specific installation in louisville, kentucky using a symbol of the southern city: barrels. the history of the site reflects the material choice — early settlers to louisville used the ohio river as a major transportation and trading route. however at the river’s falls, traders were forced to unload their possessions (often sealed in barrels), carry them around, and reload before continuing on their way. as traffic picked up in the early 1800’s, louisville’s riverfront became a mountain-scape of wooden vessels waiting to move up and down the river.

the installation highlights the history of louisville while reflecting its forward-thinking culture




reigelman has realized a monumental installation that highlights the unique history of this post-industrial river community while reflecting its forward-thinking southern culture. ‘upriver/downriver’ is made from 21 american oak barrels stacked in a pyramidal form, spanning fourteen feet wide and twelve feet overhead. a welded metal structure secures the barrels, comprising more than 200 steel rods connected in over 400 locations.


on their circular bases and tops, reigelman has installed vibrantly spectrum of colored mirrors, which reflect the surrounding landscape in a variety of hues. by combining salvaged wooden barrels with sleek reflective surfaces, reigelman encourages visitors and passersby to view this common vessel through a refreshingly different lens.

‘upriver/downriver’ is made from 21 american oak barrels stacked in a pyramidal form

the installation spans fourteen feet wide and twelve feet overhead


a welded metal structure secures the barrels, comprising more than 200 steel rods

colored mirrors reflect the surrounding landscape in various hues

visitors and passersby are encouraged to view the surroundings through a new lens


the installation combines salvaged wooden barrels and sleek reflective surfaces


blue-toned mirrors reveal subtle reflections on the soil surface surrounding the installation

a hazy glow of blue light is emitted from the mirrored panels