matthias jung’s dreamlike dwellings form hybrid architectural landscapes
(above) ‘last day of wolkenkuckuck’ | germany, europe
all images courtesy of matthias jung




on trips around europe, asia and north america, matthias jung photographs the expansive surroundings and the built structures that occupy the vast landscapes. using these personal pictures, jung stretches reality by collaging several elements of the images together to form phantasmagoric architectural compositions. the ongoing project, previously featured by designboom here, sees a dreamlike environment categorized by floating buildings, houses set atop rotating wheels and façades tethered to the earth, hovering somewhere between fiction and reality. the cathedral of strasbourg in france finds itself in the alaskan landscape, while houses and churches from the cities of wismar and stralsund in northeastern germany are re-situated in the gobi desert.

‘church of the blue damselfly’ | united states | the cathedral of strasbourg, france in alaska
background image by oliver abraham




‘the composition of the individual elements correlates to a logic, as if in a dream,’ jung explains. ‘in order for my work to function properly, I also have to consider design rules. thus, the relationship between order/disorder and homogeneity/diversity must agree. a building has to first be stable and credible before I can add some ‘disorder’, to let it fly for example. one such disorder refers to another, only hinting at reality. I weave, so to speak, spiritual realities into everyday things.’

‘relay station’ | mongolia, asia | a window of the cathedral of strasbourg, france in the steppe of mongolia

western outpost | mongolia, asia
houses and churches of the cities of wismar and stralsund (northeastern germany) in the gobi desert

‘autumn announcement’ | germany, europe

‘uroboros’ | united states | background image of alaska by oliver abraham

‘I always wanted to be normal’ | united states | background image by oliver abrahem

‘this afternoon I was on an expedition in the arctic’ | denmark, europe | photos of the iceberg by oliver abrahem

‘our journey to the convention of ornithology’ | germany, europe
buildings from the cities of stralsund and wismar above the national park of zingst (baltic sea)