front view



designed by maximo riera, the ‘toad sofa’ resembles the common species of the tailless amphibian that inhabits the european and north african continents.emerging from hibernation as an oversized piece, it constitutes the first two-seater of riera’s ‘animal chair collection’.


the development of this particular piece required using the back part of the animal to form the seating object –a headless representation of the animal – making it easier to establish an emotional connection with the viewer.within the front section, the artist has opted for a minimalist baroque style, where the smooth and simple surfaces offer a firm contrast with the irregular bumps of its leathery skin. this feature, which helps the animal visually blend into its environments by breaking up its outline.


the ‘toad sofa’ proclaims the misnamed ugliness of unconventional figures and believes in the re-interpretation of archaic concepts: being truthful to himself even if kissed by a princess.


each of the spanish creative’s work is manufactured to order, taking an average of 11 weeks to produce. each chair requires 170 hours of machine operation and 160 hours of workman as it is assembled, sanded and painted by hand, making them all unique.



maximo riera: toad sofaback view

maximo riera: toad sofa



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