meat weapons by dimitri tsykalov‘magnum 357’ by dimitri tsykalov




russian artist dimitri tsykalov’s ‘meat’ series can indubitably be described as confronting. the raw images combine the human body and flesh, each subject holding weaponry, body armor and other munitions depicting accessories of war and violence. in order to create the pieces, tsykalov would work throughout the night, using over 150 kilos of fresh meat – needing to work quickly due to risk of  change in color and texture.


the commanding photos represent the concept of death at a very potent and basic level – responding to the collections’ directing concept ‘it is flesh holding meat to shoot flesh’. the re-imagined rifles transfer the idea of impermanence and mortality – a theme that is present in many of tsykalov’s pieces. the series does not necessarily reflect on the idea of war, but more on man’s engagement in brutality as a whole – using the force of subject and material to deliver a powerfully aggressive first impression.



meat weapons by dimitri tsykalov‘walter P38’


meat weapons by dimitri tsykalov‘colt 45’


meat weapons by dimitri tsykalov‘beretta 92FS’


meat weapons by dimitri tsykalov‘commando’


meat weapons by dimitri tsykalov(L) ‘hostage IV’(R)’remington 87 magnum’